Beautiful Schools continue to match-make our clients with people looking for venues and this occurs across a wide variety of sectors, reflecting the breadth of facilities that schools present. Over the first 6 weeks of 2018, Beautiful Schools placed just under £100K worth of business in our schools. Education: Beautiful Schools continue to receive and […]

  Corporate team building has come a long way from building rafts or bridges across muddy streams. Today’s employees expect team building to offer challenges and experiences beyond their own, which given the rise of adventure sports and far-flung holidays can present a challenge. By finding a team-building venue that offers more than just a […]

Badminton school gardens

Summertime, and the venue availability is – terrible! As a busy party planner or event organiser, you know the issues of trying to locate impressive venues for private parties during the busy summer season. Come July, every usual venue seems to be booked with wall-to-wall weddings, leaving virtually no availability for other events such as […]

Many professional sportsmen and women dedicate every waking moment to practising their sport when they’re not competing. Nothing makes practise more perfect than finding a training venue that can offer the right facilities, at the right time. The same applies to sports teams of all types, from archery to football, rugby to hockey, track and […]

Our collection have gone live with a full listing on The Venue Directory, the UK’s biggest venue search engine. Our collection has been offered the fantastic opportunity of a six-month free trial as a full listing. Full Listing Advantage: A full listing allows for greater exposure to the hiring market which will result in more […]

A big thank you to Dulwich College for hosting our recent Advisory Board meeting. A varied programme as well as  some fascinating insights from guest speaker, Eugene Strange, an experienced film location agent with Salt Ltd, gave attendees plenty to talk about over a networking lunch. Matchmaking In the first 6 weeks of the year, […]

From rock bands to choirs, brass bands to orchestras, musicians and performers often have specific requirements when it comes to rehearsal spaces. Many factors need to be considered when looking at potential venues, from acoustics and the amount of space required, to the proximity of neighbours and any noise restrictions. Finding the right space can […]

bradfield school outdoor theatre venue

When you’re looking to organise a national tour for a production, band or comedy act, finding a theatre that’s suitable and affordable can be tricky if you’re not a known name or act. A significant knock-on effect of cuts to arts funding at both local and national level has been the need for theatres to […]

As a busy conference organiser (or the person who has been told to organise a conference!), you know the challenges of finding venues that tick all the boxes. Locating that ideal venue that is both inviting and affordable can take much of your time to research, only to find that the venue doesn’t have all […]

It’s no surprise that the schools in our collection have produced some of the UK’s hottest prospects in the freshly announced Six Nations team. With Chris Robshaw, Harry Mallinder and Mark Vunipola all educated at our schools, no wonder our venues are so attractive to international teams. Eddie Jones himself recognised the opportunity when he […]