It’s no surprise that the schools in our collection have produced some of the UK’s hottest prospects in the freshly announced Six Nations team. With Chris Robshaw, Harry Mallinder and Mark Vunipola all educated at our schools, no wonder our venues are so attractive to international teams. Eddie Jones himself recognised the opportunity when he hosted a training camp against Wales at Clifton College which was overseen by Nigel Owens. The good news for us? Like the English greats, you too could train in these incredible venues.

Sporting pitches, cricket ovals, tennis courts and astro-turfs are not all these schools offer to potential hirers, alongside this you have onsite gym facilities, dining halls and accommodation without leaving the school premises.

It’s not just our teams at home who have taken advantage of our school’s facilities, teams from all over the world have used them to train and host their athletes whilst competing in the UK. Warwick School hosted the Japanese World Cup team back in 2015 ahead of their impressive win over South Africa (pictured above). The Japanese Team used the outstanding facilities; sports hall, the gym and the first team pitch. The Australian Olympic Athletic team made Tonbridge School their home in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics, taking advantage of the impressive gym and track on offer.

It [was] a pleasure to be part of the Rugby World Cup 2015, the third largest sporting event in the world and to host the Japanese Team

      Mark Nasey, Director of Rugby, Warwick School

The hiring of these facilities is not just limited to sporting teams and clubs, corporate away days and team building trips have become increasingly popular with demand for large outdoor spaces as well as reasonably priced accommodation and catering. Our schools offer the perfect venues for such events.

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Posted on: 19 January 2018