Summertime, and the venue availability is – terrible! As a busy party planner or event organiser, you know the issues of trying to locate impressive venues for private parties during the busy summer season. Come July, every usual venue seems to be booked with wall-to-wall weddings, leaving virtually no availability for other events such as […]

Set the scene; the library groans with history and character as the sunlight struggles through the smoke stained windows, casting shadows on literature overflowing with knowledge. An old man sits in a worn leather armchair puffing on his cigar whilst shuffling through documents as the condensation on his whiskey glass leaves a ring on the […]

Kingham hill school reception area

As a busy conference organiser (or the person who has been told to organise a conference!), you know the challenges of finding venues that tick all the boxes. Locating that ideal venue that is both inviting and affordable can take much of your time to research, only to find that the venue doesn’t have all […]

Harrow outside

You need a large hall in London for your event, symposium, conference, lecture, AGM or public meeting. What’s your check list of priorities? You need it to be impressive and inviting. It must be fully equipped with AV and sound. You need to have exclusive hire. It must be in London. You need it to […]

There are so many forms of dance, everybody can find one that piques their interest. From classic styles like ballroom and ballet, to contemporary forms such as street dance, there really is something for everyone. With the continued popularity of shows such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Dance Dance Dance’, this is a trend that […]

As a party organiser or event planner, you already know how to throw a great party! However, finding the right party venue to ensure everyone has a truly memorable time is not always as easy. Many clients are moving away from conventional venue ideas in search of something more bespoke, authentic and unique. Schools are […]

Beautiful school theatre venue avaialble for event hire

‘Events’ can encompass many occasions, from weddings and parties to business conferences and trade shows. One thing all events have in common is that they need the right venue to host them. That usually boils down to the venue having the facilities, amenities and space a client requires. Schools make ideal events venues for one […]

sports facilities at schools

Many professional sportsmen and women dedicate every waking moment to practising their sport when they’re not competing. Nothing makes practise more perfect than finding sports facilities that can offer the right equipment, at the right time. The same applies to sports teams of all types. From archery to football, rugby to hockey, track and field […]

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The Independent School Bursars Association (ISBA) hosts an annual members only two-day conference every year in May. The ISBA Conference attracts over 400 bursars and senior management staff from member schools and around 140 exhibitors. This year the event was held at the Brighton Centre on the 8th and 9th May. I caught up with […]

Most companies and marketing teams recognise that to build hype around a product and make it a success, product launches are vital. It gives businesses an opportunity to introduce their product to their target audience and to the media in the best possible way. Once people are talking about a product, it is more likely […]