Lights, camera, action…

Set the scene; the library groans with history and character as the sunlight struggles through the smoke stained windows, casting shadows on literature overflowing with knowledge. An old man sits in a worn leather armchair puffing on his cigar whilst shuffling through documents as the condensation on his whiskey glass leaves a ring on the wooden table beside him… The twist? This scene is filmed in a school.

Schools as film venues?

Some of our favourite films were filmed at our schools. Dulwich College have hosted the filming of well known titles such as Legally Blond and Tomb Raider while Wells Cathedral School has been home to Hot Fuzz and Jack the Giant Killer. Our schools venues were not only used as the usual school halls or classrooms but showed the versatility in the facilities available. With large grounds, interesting architecture and an onsite location for parking the vans, generators and crew, schools provide an excellent location for films and productions.

Quirky space for you next event?

The different spaces in our schools provide unique and quirky alternatives to your average hotel or conference centre and can be used for a variety of events. Recreate a murder mystery evening in the very place Midsummer Murders was filmed at the beautiful Shiplake College or, to continue on your detective route, follow the footesteps of the rugby team at Epsom College who had their TV debut in BBC’s New Tricks. For a spooky take on an event, we suggest creating an aerie vibe at Mill Hill School who played the back drop to The Walking Dead…

Dine among the stars

Why not host a VIP dinner in Harrow‘s Fourth Form Room which provided the space for Fillius Flitwick’s legendary “Wingardium Leviosa” lesson in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Harrow has also been used for famous ad campaigns such as Beats by Dre featuring rugby star Chris Robshaw as well as many magazine and photography shoots. For a more royal take on the evening, dine like the Queen (Claire Foy) in the crown with the choice of two film locations, Dulwich College and Harrow SchoolWe’ve all wanted an excuse to say ‘you wouldn’t be doing that if you were dining with the Queen.’

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Posted on: 15 March 2019