Rehearsal space without the noise complaints

From rock bands to choirs, brass bands to orchestras, musicians and performers often have specific requirements when it comes to rehearsal spaces. Many factors need to be considered when looking at potential venues, from acoustics and the amount of space required, to the proximity of neighbours and any noise restrictions.

Finding the right space can prove tricky, especially for larger groups, but many people often overlook one of the most obvious and convenient options available – their local, private, quiet and convenient school.

Rehearsal Spaces in London – All Performing Artists Welcome

One of the best things about choosing a London school for a rehearsal space is that school buildings have a range of rooms available, so they can accommodate a variety of different performers.

Each curriculum subject has different requirements relating to space, and the capital’s independent schools will often have high spec, dedicated rooms for hire for music, drama, and indoor sports. This ensures that London schools already have spaces set up and ready to go for bands, singers, musical societies, amateur operatic groups, plus professional actors and dancers to rehearse in. They often have private parking available too.

Music Rooms For Hire

Many schools have dedicated music blocks for one very good reason – music practice can get very loud! If not, the school will have invested in proper acoustic dampening to ensure that music lessons don’t disrupt other lessons during the school day. This might include modular practice rooms that are virtually soundproof.

So, singers, instrumentalists and bands will often find that school music rooms and music buildings have the perfect set-up for their needs. Equally, most school halls are spacious and can accommodate larger scale rehearsals such as musical societies and operatic groups.

No Noise Complaints

Practising any form of the performing arts requires making some noise, from pre-recorded music to dance to, the volume of a live band or orchestra, the massed voices of a choir, the projection of opera singers, or just the dialogue for a play rehearsal. While some neighbours may be happy for performers to practise during certain hours, time constraints may mean that rehearsals can’t take place during daylight or ‘sociable’ hours.

Practising or rehearsing at a school venue eliminates the worry about disturbing neighbours. School buildings are usually surrounded by enough grounds so that the closest neighbours won’t hear any rehearsal going on inside. By hiring a school for rehearsals, most groups won’t have to worry about when they can rehearse, or making too much noise.

Stage and Screen

Many independent schools can provide a fully equipped theatre space for the rehearsal and performance of plays and shows, and usually the ability to film and record the show too. Independent schools often have other amazing facilities for musicians and bands available, including dedicated recording studios for hire, and video departments with green screens and digital editing suites, with experienced technicians available. The school itself can make a great location for filming a promo video or a photo shoot, without the need to find and hire another space.

Safe, Secure, Discreet

The last thing any performer wants, from amateur to international star, is for their rehearsal space not to be private. Rehearsing is a time to try out new ideas in a safe space far from prying eyes (or ears). For details of the UK’s most discreet and private schools with rehearsal spaces, call us here at Beautiful Schools or email us at [email protected]

Posted on: 15 February 2018