Beautiful Schools for Beautiful Events

Why your school is a beautiful venue for any event

Are you looking to hire out your school premises for events but feel uncertain about its suitability? Beautiful Schools are here to help.

Our service brings together clients who are looking for an unusual venue for their event, and the unique schools that can provide them with the facilities, ambience and availability they need.

So, with many beautiful schools to choose from that combine historic buildings with new iconic architectural extensions, set in wonderful parkland, with secluded settings, why would an event organiser choose your school as their venue of choice?

Facilities are key. Event organisers are often looking for specific facilities and features that turn your school from a beautiful venue into their perfect venue.

If your school has exceptional, unusual or easily accessible facilities, call us on 020 3286 5038. We’ll conduct an audit of your school and help you appreciate the beauty of your facilities through the eyes of a potential booker.


Why event organisers love schools

Event organisers already favour private, independent and well-equipped schools for events, as school premises are already set up with the logistics that many event organisers require.

  • Transport Links

Almost every school in the UK has excellent transport connections, is easily reached via main roads, has some parking on site, and may be set back from main roads. Out of term time schools are also available as exclusive venues, so that events don’t have to share facilities or staff with any other event happening at the time. (This is particularly important to society wedding organisers looking for a high level of privacy and discretion.)

  • Catering and Dining

Schools usually have excellent dining facilities on site, including well-equipped kitchens with capacity to cater for small parties or larger groups of conference delegates at one sitting.

  • Smart Classroom

The AV and IT equipment installed in most school classrooms often far exceeds what organisers find in modern conference hotels. Smart classrooms, AV equipment, lighting and staging are all on tap for the event organiser to use, without the need to hire in extra equipment at extra cost.


Is my school beautiful?

You may not consider that your school is beautiful, and therefore not suitable or attractive to many event organisers. However, to an event organiser, it may look quite different if they are looking for specific facilities not available at mainstream hotels or conference venues. For example, a sports team may wish a private training location to train, which also has good catering facilities and comfortable accommodation. Constantly transporting the team between training, catering and sleeping is neither practical nor cost efficient. If your school can provide superb playing fields, a modern sports centre with full changing and washing facilities, plus excellent dining and overnight accommodation in houses free of borders over the summer, your school could be top of their list.


Beautifully simple administration

You may wish to maximise the potential income of your facilities and premises, but your board may be nervous of doing so, due to the perceived extra burden on staff from the administration of bookings. This is where the team at Beautiful Schools can be of real help. We can help you with the administration of all aspects of the bookings, ensuring that the service you provide and the client’s expectation match perfectly on both sides.


If this sounds interesting, make an enquiry. We will talk you through the process of joining Beautiful Schools, and how to open your doors to a variety of appreciative, respectful, well-paying clients.


Posted on: 1 May 2017