School Hire for Special Events

From community fetes to charity fun runs, there are literally hundreds of special events that could be staged at a school.

What is a special event?

Public special events are simply one-off events that are outside the usual calendar of activities. Most special events share some common requirements, such as good transport links, high-grade facilities and a sense of occasion on arrival.

Special events at special places

Schools provide an excellent backdrop for a variety of events that require some sense of place. For example, a classic car competition would look very much at home with the cars parked outside a quintessentially English country property. Equally, a street dance festival would look far more authentic in an urban school with cutting edge architecture and open areas for dancers to perform.


Interested in hiring a school for a special event, or hosting one at your school? Contact us on 020 3286 2805 with details of your requirements, and we’ll work to match school venues with events across the UK.


Special events: a sympathetic fit

At Beautiful Schools we understand the need for a special event to be a ‘sympathetic fit’ for a school venue – and vice versa. Our aim is to put together the needs of the event organiser and match it with a school that can provide the infrastructure, support and availability required. We therefore reduce the ‘hassle factor’, make sure expectations can be met, and ensure that school hire for special events is cost-effective for both parties.


Charity dinners and celebrations

Many charitable organisations hold regular dinner events, often at the same location. So when they want to have a special celebration, they often look for somewhere different or unusual to hold it. An exclusive school could be just the venue these charities are looking for, offering everything they need from attractive dining spaces to AV systems for the after-dinner speeches and award presentations.


Maximise the marquee

At the end of the summer term, many private and independent schools hire a marquee for the end of term leaver’s summer ball. These are likely to stay on the school lawn for the best part of five days, so it makes sense to maximise its use, and hire it out for other special events after the ball. For example:

  • A local society for a craft show
  • A seniors club for an unusual afternoon tea dance
  • A bride for a cost-effective midweek wedding
  • A charity for a fund-raising dinner with entertainment

These are special events that simply make the most of assets already in place, offering good value for agencies and their clients, and helping schools such as yours recuperate costs.


Special events in special places

Key to ensuring a school is right for a special event is to consider what the school offers compared with other venues such as hotels, conference centres, or theatres. At Beautiful Schools, we work with schools to identify their unique qualities, and help them decide on the type and quantity of event hire they would like to attract. Call us for more details on 020 3286 2805 – we’re here to help.

Posted on: 19 May 2017