School Halls for Rent: Making Your Biggest Asset Pay

Hiring your hall out of school hours to groups and societies is probably already part of your school’s community activity. However, this kind of regular booking is often limited to term-time evenings, so your hall may be standing empty and unused for as much as a third of the calendar year.


What makes a school hall so special

Whatever age or design of your school, your hall is a valuable communal space already designed to be used for a variety of events. It is probably easily accessible, maybe even at the heart of your main school building. This makes it both versatile and exclusive, precisely what event organisers and planners may be looking for.
If you’d like your school hall to be a star attraction for hirers, call us at Beautiful Schools on 020 3286 2805. Our service is designed to find the perfect fit between your space and what people need for their event or promotion.

Halls for humans

School halls are human-sized spaces that bring groups together, unlike large conference venues, with added character, ideal for the unique, one-off and ‘boutique’ hires and events.

The Hogwarts effect

The first Harry Potter book may have been published 20 years ago, but the enthusiasm and affection for the world of boarding schools and wizardry is as strong as ever. Kids who grew up with Potter, Weasley and Grainger now have their own kids reading the books. If your school hall has even a hint of the magical Hogwarts (floating candles optional), it’s perfect for Potter-themed events, from book and memorabilia fairs to Potter-themed weddings.


School hall hire for photography

The increasing trend for non-studio photography has created a demand for spaces for both commercial and personal photo-shoots. Commercial photographers will relish the opportunity to have a variety of backgrounds to work with: from paneled walls to wooden floors, for photographing products from artisan products to cutting edge fashion.

The exclusivity and privacy of your school hall is ideal, as is the larger space for photographing larger objects such as furniture or for active groups of people, such as dancers.


School hall hire for music videos and band photos

For music promotion on the web, video is king. Music companies and agents are constantly on the lookout for venues and locations not previously featured in videos, and your school hall might be just what they are looking for.

Hiring a photographic studio with sufficient space for a four piece band, their instruments, drum kit and enough height can be a challenge – and expensive too. A school hall that is easily accessibility, has plenty of space, and the bonus of no neighbours to disturb (out of term time!) could be ideal.


School hall hire for artisan events

The rise in popularity of artisan products is a great opportunity for your school to hire your halls for fairs, events and promotions that appeal to a discerning audience. From hand-crafted gin tastings to sales of art and sculpture, your hall would lend the event a sense of exclusivity that appeals to the buyers and the sellers in equal measure.


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Posted on: 24 April 2017