Perfect place for your charity event

With superb facilities, beautiful reception rooms and great accessibility, schools are perfect venues to hire for any event.

Beautiful Schools had the pleasure of hosting the Special Events Forum’s “Wellbeing in the workplace” event at South Hampstead High School on their roof terrace overlooking London.  The event allowed us to understand the considerations charities make when sourcing a venue to hire. Research conducted by us found that 58% of the event organisers surveyed look for a ‘Unique or different venue to hire’ while close to 60% said they would weigh up cost versus a venue’s specific offer.

Marie Wallace at Tonbridge School noted that “Charities are coming under increasing pressure to deliver unique events at fantastic venues with unusual facilities and all within a tight budget.” A schools ability to support the charity by offering things such as corkage-free or flexible catering options especially combined with the unique character of a venue will often sell it to a charity.  Many schools can offer links to a charity’s objectives and provide an extended audience for the charity through the school’s parent group.

Parkinson‘s UK – a case study

Jen Noon from Parkinson’s UK took some time to speak to Beautiful Schools having hosted the Spooky Sprint at Tonbridge School, Kent. The links to the local community and the competitive pricing made Tonbridge the perfect venue to hire. Some benefits included the increased advertising reach through access to the school’s network of students and parents as well as excellent facilities and competitive prices. “Proper toilets, lighting, power, a café and a sports track. Tonbridge school was one of the best venues we’ve used!”

The school hiring market in the UK still lies vastly untapped. With state of the art sporting facilities, incredible architecture, impressive spaces and exceptionally competitive pricing, schools provide the perfect hire alternative to the standard venue.

The Beautiful Schools collection recognises the contribution that charities make to society and are committed to supporting charities in their endeavors. To find out more about how schools could be the perfect fit for your event, contact us via email or give us a ring on 0203 286 5038.

Posted on: 27 September 2017