Deck the halls; the perfect Christmas party venue

If there is one part of corporate hospitality that appears to be completely recession proof, it is the company Christmas party! As businesses increasingly look for ways to engage employees and improve their working experience, an exceptional Christmas social event shows the business’ commitment and their appreciation in equal measure.

Unusual, characterful and impressive

Companies that want to make an impact are turning towards exclusive venue hire for parties created just for them, rather than big, mass catered events. They are looking for venues with character that provide an experience beyond the tinsel and turkey, including facilities for bespoke catering, elegant drinks receptions, and a chance to let their hair down without worrying about disturbing the neighbours…

Why schools sparkle as Christmas party venues

Schools love Christmas, and most are fully decorated every year to invoke the Christmas spirit. From large trees in the foyer to fairy lights in the grounds, schools seem to have a natural talent for Christmas decorations that charm and delight. Equally, with so much space available for Christmas party organisers to play with, it’s a great opportunity to add a whole new level of decorations in the latest colours and trends.

Christmas 2017 party venue availability

Schools have one huge advantage over hotels, clubs, restaurants and other potential “Xmas party” venues – availability. Once the pupils have sung the last carol and taken the last selfie in an elf hat, the school is empty most of the time. So, schools can welcome guests for private functions and parties from early December through New Year and beyond. At a time of year when venue prices seems to rise more steeply than ski jumps, schools can offer exceptional spaces at remarkably reasonable rates for exclusive hire.

Ideal stages for live entertainment

No Christmas celebration is complete without a live band, who plays just the right combination of Christmas kitch and chart classic, to keep everyone entertained and on their feet. Schools have perfect spaces for live entertainment and dancing, with stages, lighting, sprung floors tailor-made sound systems, or good acoustics that allow a band to play without excessive amplification.

Unlike many party venues that have highly sensitive sound limiters to impose noise pollution regulations, the more secluded location of schools often means they do not have such restrictions. This is important for larger dance bands and funk bands who play acoustic instruments such as trumpets, which can cause limiters to ‘spike’. The absence of a sound limiter doesn’t mean they will play louder, (usually the opposite) but it does mean they can play much better as a group. It also means the party guests can sing along at the top of their voices if they wish!

Christmas magic inside and out

Most Christmas parties centre on inside activity, but with a whole school to play with, party organisers can offer so much more. From festive stilt walkers serving hot toddies to star gazing with a bag of freshly roasted chestnuts in hand, Christmas parties can use outdoor spaces to enhance the party from start to finish. Best of all, when the last firework has lit the sky, party organisers can be sure that the private transport they have arranged is ready and waiting to take their guests safely home, not stuck trying to park in a busy street full of late night revellers.

For help in choosing the best school venue for your exclusive Christmas party 2017, call us here at Beautiful Schools on 0203 286 5038. We know the schools with the most wonderful halls, elegant rooms and Santa-friendly chimneys in the UK!

Posted on: 9 October 2017