Dinner is Served; Exclusive School Dining Spaces

(Harrow School)

When you have 100+ guests to seat for dinner in one space on a regular basis, the number of venues available in your local area may become limited. So, how can you ring the changes from the inevitable hotel function suite, and treat your guests to something a little more unusual?


Exclusive, local, unique

Here’s an answer that is probably within a 10 mile radius of your usual venue, within budget, and so exclusive it’s likely that only a handful of your guests will have eaten there over the last 10 years. It’s your local architecturally stunning school.


Group dining spaces in schools offer a great opportunity to host memorable:

  • Fundraising dinners for charity
  • Private business dinners
  • Local business or organisation award dinners
  • Masonic dinners and Ladies Festivals weekends
  • Corporate Christmas dinners
  • Client lunches
  • Showcase fine dining for local producers


When you’re looking for a large banquet hall, schools have the space required, from elegant wood panelled great halls to modern, architectural spaces. Schools often provide exclusive evening hire, so you can enjoy parking with spaces for all, elegant adjoining areas for drinks receptions, and sole use of all these spaces, all night long.


Your own private chefs

Some of the most experienced and versatile chefs in the UK work in private and independent schools, creating exceptional quality food for all tastes, requirements and nationalities. Their skills and experience can be yours too for the evening, to design and cook an exclusive menu just for your guests. Want to include fresh organic food from a local producer? No problem. Want four courses, and the cheese before dessert? Just ask. Furthermore, the waiting staff will be there to serve just you and your guests, proving a level of personal attention and service to rival top restaurants and hotel.


Private and discreet

Many of our schools sit in their own extensive grounds, providing a private and secluded setting for your dinner event. Even modern schools set in the heart of major cities are often set back from the road, providing a discreet location that’s not overlooked. Most importantly for high level executive dinners, your guests needn’t worry about other diners sharing their space or overhearing talk in the bar, so business discussions remain strictly confidential.


Exclusive yet available at peak times

School dining spaces are often available for hire when other banquet halls and venues struggle with large group availability, such as Christmas, Easter and the summer wedding season. Even during term-time, schools often have availability on weekend evenings after sports events and community hires have finished. Then these delightful dining spaces can be yours for the evening, decorated to your choosing, for a memorable evening of fine dining, great food and entertainment if you wish.


Which local schools offer fine dining spaces?

To find out which schools in your area offer dining space or banquet hall hire, either browse our website or send us an enquiry . We’ve the inside knowledge to help you select the best school for your dinner, and give your guests an unforgettable dining experience that next year’s organisers will struggle to follow!

Posted on: 31 July 2017